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Enhance your Snapchat Experience with Pooch Selfie!

Posted by Samantha Eastburn on
Download Snapchat and use your Pooch Selfie attachment and capture the ULTIMATE Selfie with your Dog. 
Alright! It is now your turn to jump on the SNAPCHAT train! Everyone is using this amazing app to enhance their selfies on their smartphone. 
Always wondering how everyone is altering their image with Crowns, or old faces, bunny ears, 1 eye, distorted face and so much more? SnapChat! 
Once you download the app or if you already have it, turn the front facing camera towards you and your dogs face, hold down with your thumb on the screen until you see a white grid wrapped around. Now scroll on the bottom and see all the FUN!! 
Our absolute favorite is the dog ears, nose and tongue filter! now you can really look like your pup! 
But what if your pup is not looking at the camera?? Don't worry we GOT YOU! Use your Pooch Selfie Smartphone attachment and grab their ultimate attention to capture that photo that will make you laugh your a** off ! 
Now it is your turn! Have a little fun, thank you SnapChat! 

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