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How to get your Dog to Smile in a Selfie

Posted by Alex Policastro on


How to take a selfie with your dog

"How to get your Dog to Smile in a Selfie”


We all love to see that little grin that our pups give us when they are having fun out with us. It makes for that perfect selfie of your pup to really capture how they are feeling! When taking a selfie with your dog, they can easily be distracted from everything else going on around them.... so what do you do?

We introduce to you, POOCH SELIFE! A simple smart-phone attachment that you place on top of your phone or tablet to help your pup focus at the camera! The black clip fits securely on the phone with our Pooch Selfie Squeaky ball on top! The prongs on the side hold the Pooch Selfie Ball just enough so it does not fall off, but make it easy to grab off the top to play with as well!

Now let's play Fetch!

How to take a selfie with your dog

If you hold the Pooch Selfie in that perfect angle to grab your shot, your dog will notice the ball on top of the phone and you will instantly have his attention!

Your pup still not smiling?

Let's raise his/her energy and grab the Squeaky ball, clench it a couple times in your hand to make the high pitch sound and play fetch a couple times with them! Then quickly put the ball BACK on top of the phone, extend your arm and SNAP that Selfie with your Dog with him/her SMILING!!

Pooch Selfie is not just a simple smart-phone attachment, but a gadget to use to get your Pup to SMILE in a PHOTO!

Puppy Smiling

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