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How to Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

Posted by Jason Hernandez on

Aside from celebrity photos, Instagram is full of pet pictures. There’s no better way to show how proud you are of your furkid than to take selfies and upload them on social media. A lot of dogs have become famous on Instagram. The accounts handled by the human assistants are followed by thousands of followers from all over the globe.

There are dogs that catapulted into Instagram stardom by chance, while there are others that become famous through a strategic plan. While their paths are different, there are some things that you can do to make your dog Instagram famous. Below are some tips that can help your furkid become a star.

Make a Separate Account for Your Dog

The first thing you need to do is to create a new account just for your dog. More often than not, famous dogs on Instagram started out as part of their owners’ accounts. However, pet owners start to realize that their followers don’t want to be flooded with the latest selfie of the dog. That’s why it is best to maintain a separate account for the dog. And most of the time, the dog’s account will have more followers, but that’s ok for most dog parents. 

 Use Hashtags

One thing you need to know about the Instagram culture is the importance of hashtags. People find things that interest them by searching for hashtags. Dog lovers who look for cute furkid photos will search for hashtags such as #dog, #dogsofinstagram, or #puppy, just to name a few. You should take note of the hashtags used by popular dog photos on Instagram.

Upload High Quality Photos

You should not upload a blurry selfie of your puppy or any uninteresting photo for that matter. You should use a decent camera and learn basic photography skills if you want to make your dog famous on Instagram. When you start uploading quality photos, then you have a higher chance of attracting followers. And even if you lack in photographic skills, there’s no excuse for uploading bad photos. The social network has photo editing tools and filters that can turn ordinary photos into something worth posting.

Post Regularly

If you want your furkid to be famous on Instagram, then you need to post on a regular basis. You should always be ready to take a photo of your dog all throughout the day. You will never know when the right moment comes when your pet does something that’s worth posting on the social network.

 If you are obsessed with taking photos of your dog, then consider sharing those precious moments with others through Instagram. Your furkid might be the next big star on the social network.

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