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Even the kids can take pictures with the Pooch Selfie

Posted by Samantha Eastburn on

“It's so easy, even kids can get in on the action to!”

Face it! Our children are the “selfie-generation”. We go out to eat at the restaurant and to entertain our little ones, we hand them a phone and they go straight to their favorite app. Every time I see my nephew and hand him my smartphone, he opens up the camera and starts snapping away.

So lets start teaching them right! The best photos ever taken are the ones with both our furry children and our baby cubs.

Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment that is so easy, that even your kids can get in on the action. The black clip on top of your phone stays in place as your little one tries to capture their favorite shot. You pup distracted from other furiends in the park? Instruct your kid to squeeze the bright green and orange squeaky tennis ball to make that high pitch sound!

Taking the whole family to the park? Grab your Pooch Selfie to not only entertain your pup and play fetch, but to instantly grab that perfect selfie with the whole family!

Now let's try! 

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