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Change it up! Get more Selfie options by using Both Facing Cameras on your Smartphone

Posted by Samantha Eastburn on

There is no right or wrong way to take a selfie. But we can't argue that no matter how great our selfies with our pets turn out using the easy front-facing camera on our smartphone, the back-facing camera still dominates. Just think, there is no flash on the front of your phone or iPad. So if you are at a dog friendly restaurant and sitting inside the establishment in very low lighting or outside on gloomy day outside, you will not be able to fully capture that perfect moment with your pup... well it will for sure be blurry! So simply just turn your phone around, make sure you get some distance, center in front of you and snap that selfie. Don't forget about your pup sitting right next to you and clip Pooch Selfie on the top of your phone to grab their attention and make that perfect pic with your best friend.

The Pooch Selfie is designed for iPhones and Galaxy, however, works universally with most smartphone models. Pooch Selfie can also used with most third party cases! Your Pooch Selfie purchase comes with a squeaker ball for maximum attention grabbing and a simple easy to use clasping mechanism to mount on your smartphone. Does it work for both cameras?? DEFINITELY!!

The black clasping mechanism is designed to work with both front and rear facing cameras without having to remove the device.

Now it's your turn to try!

Take photos with your dog


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