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Get low when taking photos of your dog with Pooch Selfie

Posted by Samantha Eastburn on

Get on MY Level!

Pooch selfie tips for photosRemember, your pups are not the same height as you … unless you have a Great Dane :) That means you need to get on their level and typically need to crouch down to take selfies with or of your dog. Hey! They want to be right next to you anyways! So bend down, get low and grab your pup for the best selfie that you can get!

We seem to always capture the best pooch selfies when we are getting down on the ground which means your pants might get a little dirty, but it's more fun that way! Look at it this way too, you are going to get a little exercise squatting down to capture that perfect shot!

Pooch selfie taking pictures of your petYou want your pet selfie photo to really capture your audiences's eye, and the best way is making it seem like your dog is taking the selfie!!

Now it's your turn to try!

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