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Be Unique! Use Props to Enhance your Pooch Selfie

Posted by Samantha Eastburn on

How to Selfie with your Pet, Tip of the Day

The Pups in our lives become our furry children, and everyone loves to dress up their kid! Be creative and add some fun to your Pet Selfie! The options are endless out there from sunglasses, shirts, to scarves and face props!

It makes for the ultimate hilarious and adorable photo to share with your pup friends!

Just remember, you have to be patient with your pooch, they are going to wonder what you are putting on them and it might distract them from the photo. But that is why you have the Pooch Selfie. The smartphone attachment will help divert their attention from the sunglasses and focus their attention on the Squeaky Ball on top of your phone. Don't forget to use squeaky ball! Try squeezing the ball a couple of times to make that high pitch sound before adding it on to the top of your phone to snap that Selfie!

Now it is your turn! Let's take a Selfie.  

Pooch selfie photos


Pooch Selfie Photos

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