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Capture the Best Selfies this Summer with your Dog!

Posted by Samantha Eastburn on

The weather is starting to warm up and school is about to be out for the summer. Your pups sitting at home while you are at work during the day are ready to get out and play! While you are at your favorite dog park, dog beach or pup friendly restaurant.. we are always looking to capture those favorite moments while out with your pal. We know that life can get crazy busy and your other friends can't always tag along to your pup date, so how do you capture the occasion with your Dog? SELFIES!!!

Not every dog will understand to look at your smartphone when you hold it up in front of their face to look at the camera. Trust us, holding a piece of salami with your two fingers, while holding your phone and trying to position it in the correct angle is very hard to do! Let us HELP YOU with Pooch Selfie!

Pooch Selfie takes advantage of a dog's natural draw and focus of a tennis ball and uses this to focus to hold their gaze as you snap away that perfect portrait picture. Is the restaurant playing loud music and your dog very distracted? Our pooch selfie ball squeaks as you squeeze it to make that high pitch sound to get their attention.

Each Pooch Selfie kit comes with a squeaky Pooch Selfie ball and a custom smartphone attachment that’ll be compatible with most mobile devices on the market. The ball can be easily taken off the mount to play with and put right back on to capture that moment.

Tis the season to get out, play and take that perfect Selfie with your Dog with Pooch Selfie!

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