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Lilly and I love our new Pooch Selfie! The tennis ball is colorful and squeaky to get her attention and the whole thing fits perfectly on my phone, both horizontally and vertically! Such a fun way to capture special moments with my favorite furry friend.
April Paul, Maine


Bullet and I love our Pooch Selfie! I love that I can easily take the ball off, bounce it to get his attention, and pop it right back on quickly. He always smiles so big when he sees it!

-Ali, Alabama

My dogs are the worst at sitting still for pictures, and I am probably a little too demanding of their attention, but the Pooch Selfie has solved those problems! The ball grabs their full attention and if I happen to take too long, all I have to do is squeeze the ball and the squeak pulls them right back. Works for my Shihtzu, my hyper German Shepherd puppy, and my Heeler. The Pooch Selfie is genius! Could not be happier with this purchase!!

- Lauren, Utah


 The Pooch Selfie is the best way to get my dog Blue's smiling attention. Selfies with my dog hasn't been easier using the squeaking ball and detaching the ball to reward them. Even Blue's best friend Caddy loves it too!

- Clare, Sydney, NSW


Pooch Selfie is a simple, yet amazing gadget. I could never keep Harley’s attention for more than 2 seconds; now I can snap off dozens of photos while he is smiling and captivated :)  Pooch Selfie is perfect for capturing that moment, plus he loves the squeaker! I tell all my friends about it...far away the best pet-peripheral I’ve ever bought.

- Jonny Sontag - Manitoba


I had such a great experience with Pooch Selfie the moment I opened the box! My German Shepherd, Luna, has never looked more attentive and focused in her pictures. It is so quick, easy and great results EVERY time! It changed my dog selfie game forever. Recommend it to all dog lovers!

- Nadia, Jew Jersey 

My husband got me a Pooch Selfie for Christmas and it was by far the best gift! I love taking pictures of our dog, Leo, but he always had something else to look at when I clicked the button and most pictures resulted in his face being a big blur. He LOVES the Pooch Selfie and looks at it intently until the picture it taken! The best part is the ball comes out of the holder and we can reward him for a great pic by throwing the ball for him to chase! 

- Kristin, New Jersey