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Pooch Selfie Twin Pack

$ 25.98 $ 19.99

Grab a Pooch Selfie Smartphone Accessory for yourself and one for a friend this holiday season with our Pooch Selfie Twin Pack! 

Our smartphone accessory will help pet owners capture the absolute best selfies with their dogs. No more face licked selfies with your pups. Never miss another social media opportunity to share your pups face with the world. Pooch Selfie comes with a removable Squeaking Pooch Selfie ball and One Smartphone Attachment. As Seen on Shark Tank!

  • Captivates your dog’s attention to your smartphone for perfect pictures
  • Works with front and rear facing cameras without having to remove the device from your phone
  • Designed for the iPhone and Galaxy smartphone models and works universally with most smartphone cases
  • Comes with squeaky tennis ball for maximum attention grabbing